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Is a million dollar home any harder to sell than a mobile home?

NO. fairfeerealty.com was born of a desire to level the playing field for all sellers. Selling a home isn't always easy and it does require some knowledge to do it right. Usually, that work just isn't worth 5, 10 or even 20 thousand dollars or more, but it's certainly worth a few hundred dollars.

Sellers have been demanding something like this for years

fairfeerealty.com gives sellers what they want. A very fair price for the service they need. Sellers harness the power of the MLS without paying a fortune and they refer friends and family when they see how smoothly and efficiently it works.

See what many, many sellers have already found

fairfeerealty.com is the BEST choice for listing GUARANTEED. We've made sure of it. If you THINK you found a better deal anywhere ever, tell us about it. If it's legitimate we'll beat their pricing by 10%. If it's not legitimate, we'll prove it to you and tell you why. Some unscrupulous sites pretend to list on the MLS or may sneak your property onto the wrong MLS because it's the only one they have access to. fairfeerealty.com is built on TRUST, simplicity and the resulting referrals and repeat business.


Why list through fairfeerealty.com instead of a traditional agent/broker?
MASSIVE SAVINGS... We're talking thousands of dollars on average.

Take a $260,000 property for example. A traditional real estate broker would likely cost you at least an additional $7,000 to sell your home and probably won't sell your property any faster or for any more than you would net through using this flat fee service.

Here are some other reasons that that this flat fee service may actually be superior to a traditional Realty service in not only saving you some money, but getting your property sold:

1. Price is usually the biggest factor for a buyer. List lower to sell faster while netting the same or more.

2. Sellers can afford to stage a property for a maximum sale price with a part of the savings.

3. Use a small part of the savings to get professional photos to make your property stand out.

4. Hold as many Open Houses as you want. Don't depend on an agent's schedule to show the property to eager buyers.

5. Tell buyers about all the great features of your proeprty that an agent could never know or memorize.

6. Afford a nicer replacement property with your savings.

7. Enable a sale even with little equity. A massive commission may make a sale impossible without sufficient equity or cash to pay a high-priced traditional broker.

8. Sell your property to a friend or someone independently without the use of an agent and potentially save thousands more. Most properties sell with the help of a buyer's agent or a limited agent but some don't. With a traditional broker a commission of $14,000 or more would likely be charged on a $260,000 property even if you found the buyer without any help at all. With this flat fee service, your fee would only be the very low flat fees you opted for based on the package you picked.

Why do I need my property on the "MLS"?

The "MLS" stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is the listing service that Realtors (and only Realtors) can use to list proeprties for sale. It is where most properties are bought and sold and any property not listed on the MLS is at a TREMENDOUS competitive DISADVANTAGE. It's as simple as that.

Wouldn't a real Realtor do a better job?

First off, you would have a "real" Realtor through fairfeerealty.com. Only a real Realtor can post proeperties on the "real" MLS which is where your property will be listed right in line with all those who are paying potentially tens of thousands of dollars to sell their proprety. The listing would be through a regular licensed broker which employs only licensed Realtors as agents and also offers the traditional listing service to those who desire it. Several brokers saw a need for a more cost effective solution for certain sellers and decided to market to those sellers who don't need or can't afford a traditional realty service.

A traditional Realtor may or may not do a better job than a highly involved seller. This flat fee service is inexpensive becasue a seller agrees to take on many of the responsibilities that a higher-priced agent might assume. You would be showing the property, providing the pictures and doing any supplemental marketing that you disired. If you are willing to take a little extra time to save thousands of dollars, you may find you do a better job of selling your property than any agent would because you certainly have a lot more invested.

What about all the laws?

There are certainly some laws to be aware of when selling. As a licenced Brokerage, we are obligated to make sure you are aware of these laws just the same as any other licensed broker is. There are some laws that apply only in very unique circumstance, but the rest are not very difficult to understand or find and you will receive guidance regarding the few that usually apply during a normal transaction.

What about closing?

Closing is handled by a Title Company which will make sure the closing process is handled correctly. All pertinent closing documents will be prepared by a professional who specializes in closing real estate transactions. The title company will charge for their fees and they are completely sepearate from the Realtor or Broker. A typical fee charged by a Title Company may be 1% of the price.


What if I want to make a change to my listing?

Changes can be initiated very simply at any time by contacting us via email.

What are some tips for a successful sale:

1. Spend some time writing up a good description of your property. A good write-up is critical to your success. Try to use as few words as possible to get the message across. Be accurate and honest.

2. Good photos with a wide angle lens are very important. Hire a professional if you are at all unfamiliar with photography.

3. Before you take photos, make sure your home is clean and bright as possible. Do not take photos during the night or on a very cloudy day if at all possible. Make your home look as large, bright and well cared for as possible inside and out.

4. Make sure you provide accurate contact information for agents to contact you about showings. Answer your phone or emails immediately and be polite as possible. Particularly when dealing with buyers, don't speak unless they ask questions. Buyers usually don't like having a seller dominate a conversation with a sales pitch. If a buyer or agent asks a question, answer it as completely and accurately as possible. Unless a buyer or agent requests that you stay in the property it is usually advised that a seller leaves the property during a showing.

5. Price your property under the competition. Invest in a market analysis to determine what your property is worth based on the SALES PRICES of comparable homes which have sold recently. You can find asking prices many places, but the SALE price often differs dramatically from what sellers in your neighborhood have been asking. A home priced too high usually won't sell fast, if at all and the more time your home sits on the market the less likely it is for it to sell at all. Buyers begin to wonder what is wrong with a property that has been sitting on market too long.

6. Make your property available to show whenever a buyer or agent calls. A house that is in less than ideal condition shown to a prospective buyer is better than an immaculate one that a buyer never sees. Buyers will usually see a group of homes during a window of time. They won't want to make a special trip just to see yours

What if I have other questions?

Email your questions any time to the following:

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